Email marketing is a form of direct merchandise which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or fund-raising messages to an audience. E-merchandise and newsletter services are online marketing tools used to share your product, service, or ideas to your audience. Whether it’s for a commercial or nonprofit venture, e-mail marketing campaigns are still an effective medium by which to connect with those that share a common interest. If you own a blog, a newsletter service can expand your readership offering another layer of access and information to those that are interested in your content. Below we’ve compiled a review list of the best Email merchandise that compares information on differing features and pricing between these providers. If you believe we’ve missed an important full function email marketing provider please let us know so we may add it to our list.


Why Use Email Marketing Services?

Email marketing services are taking the place of direct mailers. Instead of spending your time and money on creating print marketing campaigns that end up in dusty mailboxes, you can now combine your social networking marketing efforts with effective email campaigns. With email marketing, you can instantly see who is opening your emails, which links they're clicking on and how many of your subscribers are forwarding your emails to their friends.


Email Marketing Services: What to Look For

Creating an email campaign can be as simple as adding names to a database, customizing an easy-to-use template and looking at how effective your emails are via simple pie charts and bar graphs. We looked for services that offer intuitive tools that will help you quickly upload your list of contacts. We also looked for products that give you the flexibility to adjust the designs on your email marketing messages so that they reflect your company's image.


In addition to up-to-date designs, we also searched for products that are easy to learn and use so you can spend your time with your customers instead of online chat with tech support. Below are the criteria we used to rank email marketing services.


Feature Set

Paper, ink, labels and postage. The hassle of direct mailers will quickly fade into the recesses of your memory as soon as you begin to use an email marketing service. In mere minutes, you can upload images, type your text, manipulate how your text displays, add links and a social media share bar, and more. An effective email marketing service offers professional features you will need to create customer surveys, newsletters and other event emails. In addition to this, many email marketing services offer the flexibility to work either in a design format or directly with HTML. With most products, you can even choose whether you want to create an email message from scratch or choose from a large list of creative templates.


Email Campaign Creation

Creating an email marketing campaign should be easy, regardless of your skill level or experience. Many email marketing services include a wizard to walk you through the creation of your email, newsletter or survey.


Campaign Reporting

Email marketing services provide reports, graphs and statistics that show you how your email campaign is doing. You can see how many customers open your emails and even which links they click on. You can see how many people unsubscribe and how many forward your emails on to others.


Ease of Use

It's important that you choose an email marketing service that is easy to use. Whether or not you know the ins and outs of email campaigns, HTML coding or how to use monitoring reports and statistics, the service you choose should provide the tools and explanations necessary to help you easily create an effective campaign.


Help & Support

A top-notch email marketing service should provide help options to get you started, including a user manual, a wizard to walk you through the creation and monitoring of your email campaign, FAQs, a blog, tutorials and articles that explain how to create effective campaigns. Support should include the ability to contact the company by email, phone or live chat.



Email marketing services are an excellent way for your business to professionally communicate with your email subscribers and customers. Regular newsletters and advertising email campaigns allow you to grow your business effectively, and surveys give you valuable feedback.